I've finally launched a Patreon page! I've been asked quite a few times over the past couple of months why I didn't have a Patreon page yet and well, that inner voice saying 'why would people pledge to me though' was strong. That's why.

But after going through this whole process of setting up online stores, planning going to a few conventions as a seller and actually getting quite a few sales recently - I thought to myself, why the hell not! I think it's happening, y'all - I think I'm finally feeling good enough!

So, just to echo what I've written in my overview: 

Why Patreon?
Ever since I could hold a pencil I've always wanted to be an artist. Unfortunately somewhere between then and now - life got in the way. I've decided now is the time to stop making excuses and start working towards dedicating my life being an artist. And with the help from fellow patrons, I can do just that! Your pledges not only give you access to extra content, behind the scenes and free merch - it also provides me with the security and ability to live doing what I love.

I also felt that having a focus each month is going to benefit my creativity massively too. Take the 100 day project as an example -- I'd never ever of produced that amount of work in the space of a year before then, never mind in 100 days! I've actually never been happier either - and that's something I can't ignore. So I'm hoping it serves to take me from strength to strength :)

If you'd like to help support this adventure of mine then prod that button below to head on over and take a look around: