Hullo kinfolk! I've been planning hard over the past few weeks the kind of prints/merch I want to be selling in my Etsy store - and researching other places to push that merch out to, too.

[Side note: speaking of prints/merch, I actually have my next batch of prints currently in production, as well as some badges too! These will hopefully be up in the store next week. I'll keep you posted.]

Along with thinking of the types of stuff I want to be creating out of my illustrations and the places to sell them, I've also been having a lot of fun coming up with a fresh new feel for my various channels. Here's a sneak peak of the kind of what I'm going for:


As you can see it's a LOT different from my current theme for each channel - but I think it represents me a whoooole lot better. What do you think?

Once I've planned and set everything up over the coming week or so, I'll be getting started on a few new pieces. I'll also be looking into finding the time to stream, too! Something a few artist pals have been pushing me to do - which might be kind fun :)