Brace yourselves - gaming videos are here! Okay so there wont be an influx of gaming stuff filling the site as I predominately want to keep it creative based however, I do want to be using my Youtube channel a lot more. And actually it's also a pretty good excuse to practice my video editing too!

As y'all will know by now if you follow me on social, I am a massive gamer. As well as it being something I use to relax or have fun, it also serves as a great way to gain inspiration for my creativity. Games such as Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy (every game), Legend of Zelda, etc are just stunning!

Anyway I'm rambling! So basically keep an eye out on my Youtube channel for what hopefully should become another fun little world for you to enjoy. I'll do the odd update over here as well, and you might have seen I've added a new section to the homepage for a featured video. Expect my videos to frequent there a lot!

For now, here's some Overwatch gameplay to enjoy. Toodles!