84 days ago we embarked on this quest. This invisible guild of creatives - people that we call our friends, inspirations, rivals even - committing themselves to 100 days of creativity. It's not been an easy road and there have been some casualties. Many have fallen. But comrades and kin that are still standing - stay strong, for we are approaching the home straight!

Ok so dramatics aside - it's bloody day 84 you guys!! I know I've said it over and over again during this project but I can't believe how many days we've been doing it for. At the beginning 100 sounded like pfff - it'll be easy. By day 10 it was haha *nervous laugh* I've totally got this. By day 20 I was DYING

That said - would I now be crazy to say that the more the days went on, the easier it got? For me, I gave myself the additional side quest of not bulk prepping my doodles; every doodle is done on that actual day. A thing that I'm actually super proud of!

As we're coming into the final stages of the project, I thought I'd do a round up of some of my favourite creators that have been taking part in this awesome project. Once you've gazed in awe at their awe-someness (see that I did there *wink*), head on over to their feeds and show them some love!

Kelly - MyFairPixel


Umi Kamo - umikamo


Gillian - gill d.


Geri - hello geri

I'm sure you'll agree that they're all bloody brilliant! Like I said if you can find the time please do head over and show them your support - honestly every comment, heart and share means the absolute world. Especially at this point in the game!

And whilst you're at it - pop over to my little space, too!