My days, people - I'm almost half way through this project! How crazy it that! Today marks Day 50 and the half way point of #The100DayProject. But before I get started on today's doodle, I wanted to look back, see how far I've come and show you why it's been a little quiet on here lately and what it is I've been working on.

Believe me when I tell you it's the hardest yet most rewarding thing I think I've ever done, or at least in terms of personal projects. 10% of me is knackered and wanting to give up on this, but the other 90% is just so amped be doing something amazing like this and wanting to see it through to the end! HUZZAH!!

Above all else I'm learning a hell of a lot, too! I've spent hours talking and watching other people - learning new techniques to add to my repertoire. The next thing I want to focus on in this challenge is to learn more about how to design backgrounds, as that's an area I'm really lacking in.

The first batch of prints I did for this project were well received, which was awesome - but I haven't actually sold any yet! I'm hoping this is just because I haven't really been salesy and not put many messages out there advertising them. Another strength I need to acquire if I want to be doing this full-time, eh! I'm ordering another batch this week, so if there any in particular you'd like to see in the store - let me know!

All profits made from these will be going into purchasing the new Macbook Pro, as I'm currently laptop-less after my other one bit the dust! If you'd like to support my work and help me with this, head on over to My Etsy Store where you can purchase a print for only £5!

So there we have it, Days 1-49 complete! Do you have any favourites from the illustrations done so far?