Hi Kinfolk! Okay, so, I'm uber excited yet slightly nervous writing this post as it's something that has kind of been a secret for a while now. Earlier on this week I mentioned that I had some pretty big news to tell you about - which was kinda linked to me getting my new Macbook Pro, learning web/ux design, yada yada, yada!

First thing's first: I've been on hold with a lot of things for a year or so waiting to get my Macbook Pro as my old laptop was on it's last legs and opening anything Adobe was torture! I was holding out for the new new MBP, but they seem to be dragging their heels on that one, so I've settled for the new MBP in the mean time to make a start. Still following?

This is the start of a lot of things for me. Developing this site into a sort of creative hub is something I have in mind - and I can now get round to blogging more often . Hopefully you've noticed the increase in posts around here! The main reason is that it's the beginning of me evolving, or rather adding, web and ux design to my skill set - which will play a massive part in my not too distant future. Yeah I want to be able to make a living from my art work, but I think adding web and ux design in to the mix will help solidify a good stream of consistent income that selling art just might not provide. That, and I'm also really interesting in it too!

Hopefully it won't be too long until I'll be able to offer my services - and I'm so amped already about getting to that point and taking on my first client. Something I really want to do is to work with fellow bloggers on custom/unique site designs - making the whole process super easy and accessible. I'm currently mapping out the hows & the whats and will have this up on the site soon so you can take a look at what I'll be offering and mark if you'd be interested in a service like this!

Working towards being a freelancer and taking control of my own future like this is kinda scary - but also so exciting! I'll be able to do a job that I love, get back as much as I put in and be able to work anywhere in the world - something that I've always dreamed of but never really had a thought of actually doing until now. Which leads me nicely on to...

THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE YET!! Okay - so maybe not the biggest adventure known to man. But definitely my biggest adventure so far! Towards the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018 me and Ben will be embarking on a year-long adventure, travelling around some of the places we've always wanted to visit/live. We've only been bouncing ideas around so far of all the places we'll go to - however we do know that we'll be starting off in Cape Town, South Africa for 3 months. Then we could be going to Italy, Bali, Singapore, Japan, Iceland - who knows!

Obviously this is situational and money permitting - however it's the draft plan for now and my main driving force at the moment. This is where doing web/ux design and being able to work anywhere comes into play - as I'll be able to support our adventure and not be worrying about funds. It'll be a great test to see if I can actually work from anywhere there's internet - and on our journey's end, solidify the next chapter in my life.

And you know, obviously the main thing to out of if I can work anywhere is that we can get a dog!! Priorities - am I right?! :D

So yeah - pretty big news! It might not seem like a lot from the outset but: going freelance, seeing if I can make it on my own, travelling to amazing places for a year, the unknown - believe me when I tell you that for me, this is CRAZY BIG! It's a massive adventure me and Ben are about to embark on, (corny alert) but there's no one else I'd want to take on the world with!

Oh yeah - and I'll be vlogging the whole thing...