Hullo, kinfolk. It's been a bit of a while since we had a proper catch up, so pop the kettle on, make us a brew and I'll fill you in!

So first things first, I'm still going strong with #The100DayProject - and by strong I mean I'm up to illustration #62 and I'm dying. Apologies if it's all I seem to be talking/posting about lately however, it has literally consumed my life. And you know - I also kinda love that it's consumed my life. I wanted to be surrounding myself with creativity and I'm pretty sure I can say I've achieved that! Well, apart from the dreaded day job.

Over the past couple of days I've really been getting into using watercolours. Again I had a think of what would be the best subject to practice with and fish just seemed to fit perfectly! It's thanks to this project that I'm learning something new - and I honestly can't wait to work on bigger illustrations using this medium once the project is over.

Here's days '60', '61' + '62'

It was my birthday last week and as you know Ben bought me a new desk to create my own workstation/studio space in the office. I also treated myself to a brand new Macbook Pro!! I'm so amped to finally own one as it means I can begin web/app designing, working on my store, blogging properly, etc. I had been without a laptop for a good while, just working on my iPad - so it's great to finally get started on those BIG projects I've been planning.

I've got some pretty big news, massive even, which is kinda linked to this which I can't wait to tell you about. However I want to keep it a secret a little while longer until I've told a couple more people that really should hear about it from me directly and not my blog. Keep an eye out later this week to find out what it is!

And lastly I'll be ordering my next set of 5 prints this week. If you've been wanting a print but dont have the pennies to buy one - I'll be running another competition along side the release later next week, so if make sure you keep an eye out for that, too. Confused? Good!