Tomorrow is my birthday - YAY! This year Ben has bought me probably the most important gift I've ever received to date - my 1st ever desk. Which, more importantly, is located in my brand new studio space - as Ben has also kindly made room for me - turning his office into our office.

I embarked on a quest to IKEA on Sunday to hunt out the mystical desk, kill 7 goblins, acquire the glowing lamp and defeat the cashier boss. And the mission was successful! Here's the desk I picked up, which I'm in love with! I just think it looks right for a creative person, don't you think? The work surface area is HUGE and you can adjust the height of it too, so you can even work standing up!

(excuse the grainy photo!)

Having this space marks the beginning of a very exciting chapter for me and in some ways, allows me to be taken more seriously. Let me explain... I think there's a big difference saying I'm a blogger/illustrator when all I've been doing it from is sat on the couch (due to lack of space), and having my own actual space where I can go and design, be inspired and have a proper to organise prints/merch. An actual place that I call a 'studio' to work from!

All I have to get now is a chair - or maybe even a stool, extendable shelves to go in that alcove, something with loads of pull out shelves to store my prints in and something to hold all my merch and packaging. I've picked up quite a bit of art/posters/figurines over the years so now comes the fun pat of choosing what I have on my wall and shelves!

I'll do a proper 'tour' once it's all set up properly - all 3 meters of it. But it's my 3 meters!