Well howdy-do, friend! I hope you had a happy bank holiday weekend and are feeling refreshed and pumped to smash through this 4-day week! No? Sounds like you need a brew then! Not to rub it in however I've also got Friday and next Monday off, too. Helloooo long weekend #2 coming up :D

Ok enough bragging about long weekends - today I want to slightly brag about this new issue of 'As Told By Instagram'. Because if you can't brag on your own blog - where can you?! I feel like I've really stepped up my 'Gram game lately, last month especially. The #The100DayProject has not only given me a push to be uploading artwork each day, but is also giving me the drive to take better photos. I want to have a consistent looking feed when it comes to artwork and photography, but also splatterings of 'what I'm doing at the moment*' pics, which I feel like I'm finally achieving :) *sat on the couch eating food

I hope you enjoy this week's post as much as I've enjoyed creating the content! Drop me a link to your Instagram account in the comments below so I can take a mooch at how your April looked!