I've lived in my apartment in Greenwich now for almost 2 years - and during that time my couch has been moonlighting as my office. I'd say we have a pretty decent size apartment, however as Ben works from home often, and has a lot of stuff for his business, the 2nd bedroom naturally became his office when we moved in.

The next 18 months is going to be so important for me getting my creative business sorted - and the need for a space to work which is a little less 'comfy' and a little more inspiring is becoming greater. Now I know those stories of how people can be super productive from their kitchen tables are pretty common nowadays, however I just know that as soon as Ben puts the TV on my willpower will waver. And I just feel that if you have a space that you can make inspiring - you're going stay motivated and get stuff done!

So, after a bit (a lot) of nagging about how we could split the spare room in 2 and Ben reshuffling things round and having a de-clutter, I'm finally able to start thinking about how I'm going to use my new space to be Pinterest Perfect! I've been pinning some amazing offices for inspiration and getting ideas on what I'd like. Here's a few of my favourites:

*Images sourced from Pinterest