Hello dear kinfolk! So as you all know by now - my first batch of new prints have arrived and are up on my Etsy store! To celebrate me getting my ass in gear and finally producing new prints, I thought I'd set up a little giveaway to give you chance to win one of my new prints for your very own.

1st up is my 'Dance Amongst The Stars' print - which is one of my favourites from the new set. I will be doing a giveaway for most if not all of my illustrations from #100DaysOfTGMDoodles - or at least that's the plan. So that's potentially 100 giveaways! Stick around as if you don't win this one, there'll be plenty more chances to get your hands on a print (or you could buy one and support my art which would be amazing AND earn +5 points to win another print)

I've decided to go all fancy for this one and set up a Rafflecopter to, you know, help me help you to help me! There's loads of ways to rack up points in order to win, so good luck and thank you so much for all your support :)