This weekend I managed to get away from the hustle of London life and visit Ben's family in Devon for a few days. Much needed R&R, let me tell you! It's been quite a few months since I was last down there - so was great catch up with everyone - as well as help with a bit of gardening! Okay, by help I mean sit and watch whilst doodling and drinking wine - it's the same thing, right?!

We didn't really get up to much to be honest - which I know sounds boring, but it was just so nice to not have things on the agenda apart from the daily doodles. On Sunday the beach was calling, so we hopped in the car to surfer village Croyde. Whilst Ben, his mum and eldest bro went for a beer - me and JP (his younger, elder brother) went adventurin' over to some rock pools to find a crab or two. We didn't find any unfortunately, but I did manage to grab a few snaps! These are the unedited versions as, well, still no laptop until next month!

I've never really been a 'beachy' person - but it was great to get sand in between the toes for  change. Actually - I'm pretty lucky I didn't cut my feet to shreds as I was climbing barefoot over the rocks! I did get burnt pretty bad for lack of sun cream though. I went from milk bottle to lobster in 0-60 seconds

All other time was literally spent eating. I honestly don't think I've ever eaten so much in the space of 3 days. Cakes, scones, ice cream, burgers, sweets, chips. You name it - we ate it! And you can clearly tell that food was in the forefront of my mind as I pretty much forgot to snap every meal. BAD BLOGGER! I wouldn't be surprised that I've returned home a stone heavier. Hahaha~no seriously! 

Again, apologies for the sporadic uploading of posts lately - hopefully it wont be too much longer until I get my new Macbook Pro and it'll be creativity full force ahead!! I'm hearing they are released next month so fingers crossed!

I'll leave you with some thumbs of doodles completed whilst away. Hope you like!
(click for full size)