10/100 - #100DaysOfTGMDoodles

Hello kinfolk and happy Friday! I'm currently emulating the life I'm striving for and have taken a day off, set up shop in my local cafe-deli to get today's doodle done and work on a plan for my Etsy store. I've also got the 'Begin Again' soundtrack on and BOY does it fill me with joy. It may sound a bit daft but, it's things like this that make me feel like a real blogger. Hands up if you know what I mean :)

I also thought it would be a good chance to check in with you guys and see how everything is going. I'll be blunt - I'm bloody knackered!! If you're a regular reader, you'll know by now that I'm taking part in #The100DayProject  - which is a mammoth creative project where you design, photograph or any other form of 'create' you can think of for a whole 100 days. My daily routine at the moment, and probably until this project ends, is: get up, travel and work 7-6:30pm, chores, illustrate for the project, sleep. And repeat!

Burnout is very possible but you know what - besides the crappy day job I'm also energised by it all, too. I think it's a different kind of tiredness when you're pushing yourself to work all spare hours on building the future you want and working on your craft. It's a great self-motivator when you know it's all for something. Does that make sense?

I've had a couple of chats with some good friends of mine who are also in the creative field and they have been beyond helpful keeping me thinking about my personal projects and keeping the day job as an afterthought. Shitty jobs may be shitty - but remember, they're just to pay the bills. Better days will come if you work hard to achieve them. 

Okay - I think that's enough Oprah for now!

So what am I planning today? Well I really want to get these new illustrations from the project up and in the store. I just need to get them printed! I've been to see a new supplier today and will hopefully be having test prints done either this weekend or next week. I would love to be able to print them from home, but until I can afford a proper printer - having a supplier is the only way for now. 

I also want to do a whole range of products for each design, not just prints. So things like postcards, notebooks, badges, cushions, tees, etc. Whatever I can get done - I want to get done! So if you ever see a design that you think 'Ooo, that would look good on a ....' then please, let me know!

The blog is something else I want to be looking at today and making some sort of a plan for content. Until now, I just do them as and when I get chance - which obviously isn't very good for consistency. What I've found from doing #The100DayProject and having to create an illustration each day, is that the pressure of it is awesome for keeping me on track and creating content. If I try and view my blog that way then hopefully it will have the same effect. Hopefully! 

What do you think of Wednesday's post - just having an illustration up by itself? I kinda like it! I would love to showcase my art more on here besides the 'overview posts' - and think that this might be the way. Cool content or just boring - let me know in the comments :) 

Right - coffee is finished and I here the florist around the corner calling my name. I saw through the window that they have new terrariums!! Have a great Friday!