Hello Kinfolk! This week marked the start of my first time taking part in #The100DayProject - and boy has been a challenge! A fun, tiring, stressful, uplifting challenge! But seriously though - when I heard about this project I couldn't wait to get started. I've been needing to work on new illustrations to build up a proper portfolio, so having to create content every single day for a whole 100 days is the perfect motivator.

We're only on Day 6 so far but I wasn't joking when I said how stressful it is! I chose the unique hashtag #100DaysOfTGMDoodles in an aim to create a 'doodle' every day - however I've somehow set the bar high for myself and instead producing illustrations. I just can't help myself! I doodle a sketch and then want to carry it on to see where I can take it; creating multiple variations of the end result - which has left me glued to my iPad for 2-3 hours each time!

Here's Day 1-6 /100 so far (click or tap for full view): 

What I'm loving as well is feeling so motivated to get an illustration done each day. For instance, I was out on Friday night for a leaving party - however, left early enough to dash home and get a piece finished before midnight. I don't want to be stacking up loads of drawings for the week and releasing them each day - I think it's great practice and more honest to be working to a daily deadline. 

100 days is a long time and a massive undertaking from a creative point of view - however I'm sure those of you who are taking part will agree that this will do wonders for your creativity. I for one am so amped to see what I come up with over the next week - and whole project!

I'm super excited that a few of you have already asked if the illustrations so far will be made in to prints - I can't tell you how much this makes me beam and definitely boosts my motivation. I actually can't wait to get them printed and up in the store - hopefully it wont be too long. Something else I'm excited for is that I've promised myself that once the project is over, I'm going to get an art book made! More for myself for achieving such a personal goals - but these will be up in the store too :)  

I hope you've been enjoying what I've been doing so far and just wanted to thank you again for all the likes, RTs and love for my work.

If you'd like to follow along with my project or see any variations of the pieces above - head over to Instagram.com/thatgentmark or search for #100DaysOfTGMDoodles