Hi guys! Ok, so it feels like it's been a million days since I last blogged! It's been a tough month so far to find time to actually sit down and blog about anything decent - and I feel like whenever I do, I'm just telling you how bloody sorry I am about how quiet it's been! Well no more! I'm gonna explain briefly and bluntly about what's been going on and then update you on where I'm at and what's on my agenda moving forward.

I can't actually remember if I've said this in the blog or not yet however Samantha, my best friend and work buddy has handed her notice in and will soon be a lady of leisure; working on kickstarting her blog, freelance photography career and realigning herself with the world. This has inevitably left me feeling more than a bit glum on the work front - as Sam is really the only good thing about where I work. And even though she hasn't left yet, I'm already starting to feel a bit lonely and like I'm going to have to be fighting this big monster all on my lonesome.

If you don't know I currently work as a 'Marketing Manager' in a recruitment company. I use that job title loosely, as on top of what comes with it - I also do graphic design, tech support, admin support, PA, culture creator, HR, etc, etc. The list goes on. It's not what I want to do and I'm certainly not getting paid enough for what I do either.  

Anyway so in a nutshell, I feel like I'm losing my best friend and I'm feeling undervalued in a job that I actually don't want to be doing, but put my all into anyway. I've been a bit in the dumps as a result - but now I'm shaking it off and ready to get on with things. Hopefully this explains why it' sheen a bit choppy here lately - and I really do appreciate the patience. Looking at it positively, it's been the wake-up call I've needed for a while and this leads on me on nicely what's next!

I came across a book the other day, I think it was whilst watching YouTube, called 'Don't Get A Job...Make A Job!' and just the title alone has been able to spur myself into action. It's no secret that I want to be working for myself - not only doing illustrations, but a whole plethora of creative outlets - some I'm even yet to try. 

It's not that I've been waiting for someone to hand this to me on a plate - I'm not that naïve. But I guess I've just been allowing things and people take pieces of the energy and motivation I've needed to get my own things done. Along the way I had kinda forgotten that it's ok to put myself first.

So let's get this done in quickly - You ready? I've ordered this book to help me unlock avenues I've not thought of yet and get me into the right mindset from a professional point of view. I've tried fixing this broken printer we bought but it's officially dead and I'll be investing in a new one. Make the blog more awesomerer. I don't currently have a functional laptop so all work will have to be done on the iPad Pro for now until the new MacBook Pro comes out. I'll be working harder than ever on new illustrations and make whatever I can out of them. Start graphic designing from a freelance basis. Up the ante with my photography. Try as many things as I can. Be as open-minded as I can. DONT TURN DOWN OPPORTUNITIES. Look at everything as positively as I can. Believe in myself. I can do this.