Hello kinfolk! Well it's certainly been a bit of a whirlwind month, to say the least. If you haven't been following along on social with everything then hopefully this month's #ATBI will bring you up to speed!

Excuse the typos, I'm currently curled up in bed watching Drag Race and tapping away in the dark! Let's begin :

So as well as chowing down on some amazingly tasty food, as always, March has been a bit of a creative awakening for me. But I'll touch on that in a minute. I've always felt an affinity to all things spiritual and magical too, so after a long hard think on things I've finally started to learn Tarot. I've only done 2 readings so far as, well, it's just pretty damn scary how accurate the readings have been!

Whether you believe in things lie tarot or not - sometimes you just cannot dispute the advice they are giving you or the things they are making you aware of. It's not about 'oooo magical balls of fire and contacting spirits', from what I understand and feel you use it more of a guidance. Like a friend advising you on what you should be aware of or potential steps you may want to take. I'll leave it there for now as I'm sure some of you have whiplash from eye-rolling so hard!

Say what you will about mother's day and how you should be thankful to your mum all year round, and believe me I show her my love and thanks nearly every day, but this year it gave me the chance to really sit down, think and write a letter about our relationship and how we've grown as not only mother and son, but into best friends too. The perfect kind of relationship you could have with a parent I think!

As I mentioned earlier this week we had family staying over last weekend and managed to see some amazing events: Ellie Goulding at the o2 and Collabro at the Royal Albert Hall. Being honest I was a bit dubious about seeing both - and was positively surprised! I can most definitely say I'll be going to see Ellie again!

So, creativity wise! From the goals I set in this post, I'll admit I don't think I've really hit them - but they have put me on the right track! There is a slight valid excuse on the Etsy side of the goals as major changes are currently being rolled out - going live on April 5th. I thought it would be a good idea to focus on hitting my weekly illustration goal and getting into a sort of stride for that, which will then put me in a bit routine for that side of it.

That aside, I'm starting to feel like everything I see and do is inspiring me to create more and more. There's a lot happening in life at the moment and soon even more changes that I won't have control over. (Something I find hard!) But I'm feeling determined to dive head-first into what my heart and my gut is telling me.

I'm sure that you'll agree that the pieces I've been creating lately aren't what I usually do - being more of the mystic/stellar/geometric persuasion.  This is largely down to being SO inspired by the amazing works of MyFairPixel -- so expect a lot more like this :)

I hope you had an awesome March! Let me know what you got up to in the comments box below, because I'm nosy, and also links to your Instagram page!