Tonight Alive

Finding a new singer or band to follow is something that never fails to fill me with glee. Heck - you'd be hard pushed to find me without an earphone in listening to music! Tonight Alive is one such band I discovered through the 'Spotify Suggests' feature early last year and they quick became a favourite.

For some reason I always end up comparing female-lead rock bands to Paramore, which I still love despite them becoming more and more mainstream. So I find it pretty easy to fall in love with said bands that stay true to themselves and still hold that element of rock, and Tonight Alive have done just that. Their latest album 'Limitless' which dropped this weekend seems like a breath of fresh air compared to what's currently in the charts, or even the alt-rock scene.

You know, you just can't beat belting out some good rock in the shower when you're feeling pissed off! If you haven't done that before, you must! It's hella good therapy :)

Hopefully this playlist will add something a little alternative to your arsenal! Let me know what you think :) And also, let me know of any cool female-lead alt bands you listen to. I feel a rock phase coming!