Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, my little chicks! I hope you're all having an amazing day and stuffing yourselves silly with chocolate eggs! And if you can't eat chocolate then, well, sorry 'bout it!! Hopefully my little doodle will fill you with some Easter cheer, even if only a little bit :)

We've spent most of the weekend with Ben's family visiting - enjoying a few lovely meals out, a shopping trip to Bluewater and ending last night with seeing Collabro in the Royal Albert Hall, which was fantastic! Oh - and not to forget we only went to see bloody Ellie Goulding on Thursday night!! For some reason I had some reservations about going but blimey - one of the best shows I've ever seen!

For now, me and Ben are going to settle in on the couch for the rest of the day, climb into an Easter egg and watch some movies.

Wishing you an awesome, relaxing day :)