Hello friends! As you may have seen by now, I've been working on a little personal project lately developing a new style of painting hair. As much I have enjoyed working through it, I do feel in a bit of a slump in other areas though - or rather I'm a bit stumped on what to do next. I really want to get the gears going on my Etsy store, as hey - the truth is how can I become self employed if I'm not earning money. Right? But something just hasn't clicked yet. So, after reading this awesome post on art goals by the lovely Kelly - I thought it would be a good idea to set 3 goals of my own to work towards for the month. (Sorry for pinching your idea, Kelly - I love you!)

1. Create 3 completed illustrations each week
Following Kelly's lead on this one. Nowadays I very rarely work on my illustrations until they are 100% complete. I have so many ideas floating around my head that I feel like I need to get them out and created. The problem with this is I have a bad habit of not going back and finishing them! The problem with that problem is that if I carry on that way, I'll never have new stuff to be able to sell - and that is not productive of my time if I'm trying to go solo. I might pick a theme each week and create 3 illustrations based around it.

2. Accept 3 commissions during the month
Gah - I tried to start commissions last year however that did not work out as I had imagined. I took 8 on I think and promised unrealistic time-frames - from the point of my sanity. A week to complete a commission is just not doable whilst in a full time job, and stacking bookings one after another didn't leave room for amendments or people just not getting back to me. Throw life and Christmas into the mix and it was pretty much cursed from the beginning. So I think starting off with 3 this month will be a good renewal goal to try and hit.

3. Sell my work!
Double gah! This goal is kinda tied to the first one as I can't really make money through my art if I'm not creating finished pieces! Things went really well last year for my Etsy store, despite me not really having that much to offer - which I'm really thankful for. Again with my day job becoming more demanding I've really just let this one slide - which I just can't do if it's to be one of my main sources of income. So the goal for this month is to 1 item. Yep, just 1! That might sound silly but 1 is 1 step in the right direction :)

Let's see how I get on and I'll report back at the beginning of next month with an update. Hopefully a positive one! Nothing like a bit of peer pressure to get things moving! Thanks so much again to Kelly for giving me a kick into having a good chat with myself and setting some goals. Make sure you check her blog out over on www.myfairpixel.com - but beware, you WILL fall in love with her art!