Hello friends! I'm writing this post feeling very happy indeed! As you might know, last month I took part in #Veguary - foregoing meat for a whole month - and I did it! To be honest it wasn't too hard, but did find I missed it. So this morning I started the day with a hearty bacon sandwich and it was so good!

Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, a long weekend at my parents and lots of artwork started/completed is how I'd describe this month. Commissions have started again and I've been working on a personal project to experiment a new way of painting hair - which I am loving! To me it just gives the illustration so much more depth and detail, in a simple way without being too over the top.

This month I'll be working on some new illustration for the portfolio and also starting some gaming content. So let's see how that pans out :)

How did your February look? 

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