Take Three with Annie Stoll

Annie Stoll

Do you have a daily routine?
My husband has to be up for his job earlier than me, so he wakes up and I go back to sleep. Then later, I get up & try not to disturb my cat & have a mad scramble to get to work on time. I work during the day, come home and work on all my side projects & passions & go to sleep at like 3am. Repeat!

Could you tell us what you do for a day job?
I'm an art director at Sony Music!

When's your first cup of tea?
Usually I have tea in the evening after dinner when I'm working on my passion projects or freelance. I also enjoy getting cold tea or a green tea on my lunch breaks on occasion.

What's your preferred tea-making ritual?
My husband used to be a barista and he loves to experiment and make all kinds of fancy teas! I really enjoy helping/watching him make fancy stuff-- he's taught me a lot about how long to properly steep tea and also about the various kinds of teas and where they come from.

Did you drink tea as a child?
My mom would always let me try her Salada tea, but I never liked it. My dad drank a lot of Oolong tea, but at the time I didn't like that either. When In highschool it was cool to drink herbal/fruit tea (I went to an all girls school so I guess we were trying to be fancy? haha) & I enjoyed raspberry zingers. It wasn't till later in college/after college when I met my husband that I learned more about how much I love different kinds of tea! Green tea!, Oolong tea, Jasmine! rose tea, spiced tea! fruity teas!- honestly I love trying new teas too!

Do you ever partake in the drinkage of fruit tea?
Yeah it's cool! The only kind I haven't liked a lot are those real sakura blossom ones that have the cherry/blossom in them. It's too cherry/fruit flavored for me. (Which I'm not even sure if they are considered a fruit tea?)

Confess. Can you say no to biscuits or cake? Are you a dunker?
I don't generally dip stuff in my tea. But I had some REALLY awesome tea biscuits & little cakes in a high tea room in Scotland (we visited my friend on our way back & she took us to this suuuppper cool and fancy place that was like something out of an anime- with biscuits and sweets and tea service!)

Which is your favourite cuppa of the day?
Evening when I can sit back and relax and work, or else watch a TV show and cuddle up! Tea + being cozy = the best!

Is there one break that's non-negotiable?
I'm flexible-- I'll have tea any time!

Milk or tea in the cup first?
Tea first? It depends on what I'm making I suppose. I don't drink milk teas so much. I'm on an herbal kick lately.

And finally, any projects or news you’d like to talk about?
I'm currently working on 1001 Knights kickstarter with Kevin Jay Stanton. 1001 Knights is a massive 3-volume anthology project focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones.

Over the course of 3 volumes, 250+ artists explore themes about what it means to be a knight and what makes for a strong character through illustration, comics, poetry, and prose. 

Check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thegreatwindmill/1001-knights