Well howdy do! With all the excitement of getting things ready for the new series of Take Three - it seems I had forgotten to the latest issue of 'As Told By Instagram'! I have some amazing people signed up for this season, so make sure you don't miss any!

It's been a bit of busy month, but I'm happy that I got a few solid hours in sketching some new ideas out. I also got the chance to see a Jeremy Loops gig in Camden a couple of weeks ago which was literally out of this world. I've watched him via Ben Brown's vlogs for a good couple of years now - so getting to see him live was actually pretty emotional for me! In a good way!

My current love is rewatching all the old Digimon Adventure series, before I get stuck into the new Tri mini arc. I've decided to illustrate all my favourite 'mons - so keep an eye out and see if you can see your favourite. And if you didn't watch Digimon then.... WHAT WAS YOUR LIFE?! Only joking :D

What else, what else? Ah yes - if you don't know, I've gone veggie for the month - something I'm calling #Veguary! It's day 4 and I'm going strong. I could have sworn that the packet of Haribo in the fridge was calling my name as I lay in bed the other night, but to my delight I found out that the Giant Straws are veggie friendly! Ha - take that you whispering Haribo temptress!

If you'd like to take part in the new series of Take Three, head on over to the application page by gently caressing the button below! ~*caress it*~