Inner peace. It would be good to achieve that at least one in life - right? For me, I'm certain I'll experience this during my trip to Canada or Iceland. If I close my eyes, pop this playlist on and imagine myself surrounded by snow and ice - I can almost feel the stillness my brain so craves.

Staying true to my word I started home yoga again today! *big sigh* I can't begin to tell you how great it feels. To stretch and twist and BIG EXHALE. If you do yoga, you'll know what I mean and how amazing it feels.

I've not really been mentioning this much however I'm currently on day 15 of #Veguary! I'm literally craving bacon like you couldn't believe - apart from the odd 'ooo I'd love a burger right now!' I'm still going pretty strong!

Anyway - 'tis the day for a Music Monday! I adore this playlist and is my go-to one for any time I need my brain to take a break. I hope you enjoy - let me know what you think :)