From the moment our eyes flutter open in the morning, there is a not-so-orderly queue of little attention-seeking creatures eagerly awaiting their portion of our time. From social media to friends, work, family and chores - it's easy to forget that number one on the list should always be, well, yourself!

I've blinked, and just like that 3 months have gone by without starting my mornings with a good hour of yoga. Something that I found from the first session grounded me so well and gave me instant balance, has annoyingly been pushed aside to make room for those little creatures.

So from next week my goal is to be starting each day again finding balance, stretching out my muscles and allowing myself the time to bask in the silence; refuelling for the day ahead.

'Me'ditation time, whether it's yoga or reading a book or sketching or playing video games - whatever it is that helps you recharge your batteries should always be on your task list for every day. Make the time for you, because you matter too :)

If you have any tips on how to keep yoga steadfast in your routine - please share in the comments below!