Well howdy-do readers!! Gosh - firstly let me apologies for the radio silence for the the past month. Life has been seriously hectic over the past few weeks and I kept saying 'I'll write a post tomorrow, for sure!' - then before I knew it a month had past and here we are!

I won't seep you for long, especially on a Sunday eve - but I just wanted to give you a super speedy catch up of what I'm up to and what to expect coming soon.

Website: I'm currently in design mode and completely re-designing the website from the ground up. It's slow progress as the day job is currently sucking a lot of my time and energy lately -- but I'm UBER excited about changes that are coming real soon!

Store: Guys - I finally got an awesome printer!! I thought to myself 'what the heck' and invested in a new Epson printer. This means that I'm finally able to print all of my designs from the 100 Days project as well as new works moving forward. Head over to see what's available now

Illustrations: I've not really drawn since the end of the 100 Days project to be honest with you - which saddens me quite a lot. Due to the day job - I've just felt lately that it's sucking up all my creative energy and by the end of the day I just have no motivation to work on something new. I realised this last week and though crap - I need to do something about this. And so, I enrolled in an Environment Design course! 

I ADORE marvelling at the environments in animations and thought what better way to throw myself back in at the deep end than to start a course learning something that I've wanted to for a long time now. Thing is - when joining this course I didn't know that you had to already know how to paint properly -- WHICH I DON'T! It's a major challenge but so bloody fun!

I am super keen to make my Patreon work - so all my new work will be going up there first, with exclusive content too, a few days before posting here. I'm also going to start a comic soon as well! What on? I have a few ideas swirling around - so stick around and all shall be revealed soon :D

So quickly on a side note - if you'd like to support me on Patreon I would be eternally grateful! My goal is to able to become a full time illustrator and discard the shackles which is my day job. Hit the button below to head over to my page and see all the goodies on offer :)

So, that's it for now my little noodles. I've got a massive list of creative things I want to be doing which are currently on hold - but eager to be cracking on this them soon. *cough* Youtube *cough*!

See you soon!!