Hello little munchkins!

After taking a step back and watching the buzz of my 'net friends go about their daily lives, I realised how many of you are fighting that little monster on your back - and winning. Heck, even to have fight inside of you is reason enough to commend you more than I can in words.

It's clear as day to see why a lot of people who feel consumed by it all turn to blogging, as this community we're part of is just bloody awesome. It makes me humbled and thankful to be part of something where so much good is going on.

Now you may not believe me when I say this but yes, I too have days where I struggle to stay the happy, upbeat person y'all know me to be. When you're exhausted, stressed, lonely, feeling uncreative - it's hard to find the positive in things. Whatever it is though, just know that you're strong enough to smash through anything that life can throw at you. Grab your metaphorical sword and shield and put up a good fight!

Don't beat yourself up over the person you think you should be - where you should be - how you should look - what you should be doing. By simply showing up, taking a risk, and doing your best, you're empowering others to do the same. Know that the world is a better place because you're trying. And, together, we'll leave this place better than we found it.

You. Are. Enough.