And... just like that, it's Monday! So after realigning, readjusting and reshuffling virtually everything in my head - I feel happy that I've come up with some balance in my work and personal life and ready to tackle 2016 all guns blazing!

(Warning - I feel a waffle post coming on!)

As you may have gathered from my previous post - 2016 for me is all about being happy, and making those around me happy too. It's also going to be about pushing myself creatively - trying new things and experimenting with techniques that lie out of my comfort zone.

One thing I've always been aware about with my art process is that I'm quite a rigid sketcher. So, to try and loosen myself up I've given myself a little project to work on over the coming weeks - drawing dancers in motion. I've always been captivated by watching dancers, so it seemed like the perfect subject to use to become more fluid.

It's certainly a challenge trying to let go and stop being so precise - but it seems to be damn fun, too! I think it's safe to say that you can expect to see a whole troop of dancers filling my Instagram page over the coming weeks. I've also had a few requests already (thank you so much) if prints of them will be going on my Etsy store. The quick answer is yes - but I'm just not sure when at the moment.

The long answer is: Up to now I've been buying prints in bulk as I cannot find anywhere that will do single prints to the same quality as the company that do the bulk printing for me - and unfortunately, they don't do single prints. Lost? Snap! I'm looking into buying my own printer and doing everything in-house, or at least that's the plan - so if you have any suggestions for good printers to consider please let me know :)