Hello lovely humans :) It's time for the 2nd 'WIM Wednesday' and I'm glad to say that the 1st went down very well! For some reason I'm still not too comfortable writing dedicated posts about 'just 1 episode of an anime show', for instance. I know a big chunk of you are avid geeks like myself (hi5), so I think it's nice to have a feature to start weaving that part of me into That Gent.

What I'm Watching


Bleach -- I've well and truly got back in to Bleach lately. I remember starting to watch this when it very first came out, around the same time Naruto did, but I stopped watching it for whatever reason after the 1st few seasons. For those of you that don't watch it, it's roughly about a 15y'o that because a 'Soul Reaper' - someone that protects souls from 'Hollows', evil monsters of the 'World of the Living'. So I picked up from where I left off -- fast forward 2 weeks later and I'm now up to season 13! Many of you anime lovers are probably caught up with this show, but if you haven't seen it you definitely should give it a go.

What I'm Playing

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 -- I've pushed Until Dawn to the side for now after picking this game up last week. As a fan of One Piece, but never actually watched the show properly, it's great to have a game to take me through the story so far and get me clued up. (After Bleach I want to start watching this back to back). Dynasty fans will be familiar with the usual dynamics of running through hordes of enemies, using dynamic combos to beat the living crap out of them. Apart from the story, familiar gameplay and cutesy-anime art style, that's all there is. And that's all it needs!

What I'm Drawing
Tragedy hit last night. I accidentally deleted ALL of my previous work off of my tablet, losing ALL my artwork PSDs. I am literally devastated - but in a strange way feel more determined than ever to be producing new prints and merch for the Etsy store. I'm currently working on an Adventure Time piece which is coming along nicely. I've sketched out the initial design and I'm now just starting on inking/colouring the various characters. I'm hoping to get a lot of this done on the train up to Liverpool on Friday , but let's see. I'm going to try and get a sketch done each night too, in an attempt to get better at lips. Need to work on my lip skills people! Oh, and Sailor Moon. Just, because :D (click to make bigger)

Let me know what you've been watching/playing/drawing/getting up to this week in the comments below :)