This weekend I pretty much spent the whole weekend on my bed, watching anime, sketching the day away whilst catching up on my favourite blogs. After a good mooch on Jemma's blog Dorkface, I found myself doodling her as a cutesy anime character. 

If you know Jems - you'll know that she's a big lover of all things kawaii (cute-Japanesey). So I thought that big eyes and lollipop was a good path to take with this one!

I'll be working a lot on the eyes this week, and will probably and some slight colour to the rest of the illustration. I'm really loving keeping my illustrations to loose sketches with a splash of detail/colour at the moment.

After a good pep talk from Jems, I will be starting commissions soon for sketches like this. I haven't had the courage yet to commit myself to commissions, purely for the dread of "what if they don't like it?!?". 

So I think to get me started I would like to do some 'tester' commissions, to see if I can handle the time pressure on top of my day job. So if you would like to be one of my guinea pigs, I'm opening up 5 spaces for "head shot-to-anime, loose sketch illustrations". I'll aim to complete within 1 week from booking and they will cost £10 each once finished. I'll need your help with constructive feedback during the process and some degree of flexibility on time will be needed whilst I work out the work/life balance.

If you would like to help me out, please contact me using the button below and I'll get in touch :) Thanks!