Happy Monday, y'all! It's no secret to you all now that I'm partial to a good sing song, no more so than when I'm in the shower (or 'shwa', as I call it!). Take your good night's sleep, your hearty breakfasts and your easy commutes to work -- the only thing I need to start my day off in a great way is listening to music in the shower and having a good ol' sing. I mean, we're all amazing singers in the shower, right?

Agree with me if this is you as well - but I find standing in the shower, letting the water cascade down over me is one of the best places I can think about all my troubles and let them get washed away. Stick on a playlist that's matching your current mood or something to uplift you and I think it's one of the best forms of therapy there is.

I hope you enjoy my current, repeated shwa playlist - I'm madly in love with Florrie and 'Begging Me' at the moment. Make sure you turn the volume up all the way and have a little boogie! Let me know what you think :)