Hullo ev'rone! Okay so before we get started, I think it's only fair tha... PINCH-PUNCH-1ST-OF-THE-MONTH! Ha, bet you didn't see that one coming ;)

I'm sad to say that I've not really had much time out with my camera over the past month. Actually, I don't think I went out on a photo mission at all in August! So as a result my Instagram for this month is looking pretty bare I'm afraid. I have been working on some pretty awesome illustrations (even if I do say so myself), which I'll be posting once finished. I'm well and truly in creativity mode again, so September will definitely look a lot brighter on Insta. 

My new Etsy store is now live too, so I'll be updating that with new prints regularly; making digital downloads for most of them. Take a look around and make sure you favourite to get updates as new products are available:)

Anyway, here's a very slim gallery for now. Food and drawings still pretty much sums it up as always :D