Growing up on a farm, I pretty much had the best childhood I could of ever asked for - and remembering back, it's easy to see how much I took for granted. My days were constantly filled with adventure; building hay bale fortresses, trying not to get caught by the farmer who owned the field next door to ours. Spending hours rope swinging into the lake from the old willow tree. I say swing, in actual fact it was a raggedy bit of twine with a thick stick tied to the bottom. But my one of favourite things to do, especially in summer, was going to the meadow with an old tartan blanket, picnic basket in hand full of sandwiches, rich tea biscuits, Jamaica cake and blackcurrant Ribena. I love a good picnic!

So when the lovely Sophie, PR Manager for French wine brand Luc Belaire, invited me to what sounded like an amazing picnic event at Coq d’Argent’s terrace - showcasing their latest collab with artist Jon Burgerman and his limited edition picnic blankets, I was beyond excited! I was super amped to go, but then saw it was set for whilst I was away in Italy :(

Luckily, Sophie couriered me my very own blanket, as well as a very delish bottle of bubbly, to enjoy my own little picnic in the park -- how awesome is that! This particular design actually reminds me a bit of the characters in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends -- what do you think?

As you know everything has been a little crazy lately, so it really has been a welcome reminder that work is just work - you know? I'm definitely going to be putting the blanket to good use for the last few weeks (days? hours?) of summer we have left. And yes, the bubbly has already gone - you know me so well!

If you'd like one of these visually delightful picnic blankets, or some very good bubbly - head on over to and snag yours while you can.

Right, I need ideas to get this ball rolling. What would your ideal picnic basket have in it?