JoJo Tringle

Howdy y'all! Welcome to another Music Monday! (which I'm posting today on a Tuesday because I totally didn't have time to get it done yesterday so please forgive me it wont happen again aaaand breath)

For those of you who are pretty in tune with the music world, or have had 1 ear to entertainment news this past week, will have seen that JoJo is back! You know her, she sung 'Leave (Get Out) and was in that film with Robin Williams, RV. (Not going to mention that awful film Aquamarine). I was/am a massive fan of this vocal powerhouse so literally couldn't be happier that she's back. Her new tracks sound so good, so naturally I had to dedicate today's playlist to her.

Enjoy her latest 3 singles, a tringle if you would, as well as a selection of some of my favourite songs from her previous 2 albums. I adore 'Save My Soul' and I have probably played it no less than 200 times since it's release last week. Addicted? Yes. Crazy? Probably. Actually, who else does that thing where you find a song you love and you play it over and over and over again? Let me know in the comments below and we can be weird together.

Enjoy the playlist!