Spider man tee design

Howdy peeps! With lots going on lately, I thought I'd do a quick Life Lately post to get you all to speed with what's-a-happening. So firstly, let me address today's image...

I think I've said before that I don't really want to monetise my blog with adverts all over the place. I actually can't think of anything worse. So in that case, I need to make a move on selling my own products. I've done a shed load of drawings/illustrations lately that I'm yet to show you, which I feel would make killer clothing designs. Something like my Spider-Man piece on the tee above.

 I'll be uploading a few next week to show you, but what I'd really like some input from you guys on is what kind items would you like to see me printing on?  Head over to my gallery and sketchbook to see some of my existing designs and let me know if there's any on there you'd like to see on a tee/hoodie/etc

I'll be sorting my Etsy out properly this weekend and getting my Harley Quinn prints and Sailor Moon bookmarks on there. I think I'm I'll look in to Redbubble and Society6 to get my clothing printed on. But if you have any recommendation of printing companies where you upload a design and the company does the rest - please let me know!

Next up is my holiday posts! Still haven't done these yet. Tut, tut. I've been working through editing the images as I'm quite proud of the ones I took. As it's the 1st travel kind of post I've done, I just want to make sure I'm doing it well. I promise it'll be up soon!

And lastly, I'm looking for more people again to participate in my 'Take Three With A Cup Of Tea' interview. I have a couple more interviews left to post, however after they've gone live - the teapot will be dry! So if you love a good brew, download the application form and take part!