As any avid reader of That Gent has probably gathered, I'm a bit of a geek. I’ll always be an advocate of independent brands that make clothing with awesome graphics / illustrated designs. So when the guys at I Sunk Your Battleship got in touch asking if I wanted to try out one of their tees, I was amped to help. I took mine on my recent trip to Italy and it was the perfect addition to my holiday wear. Naturally I thought myself a genius by hunting down a lake for a photo mission. Battleship – Lake – Water… no?

The whole concept and branding works really well together – taking inspiration from our naval roots. The main logo is a nod at the old method of using flag signals as communication, which I’ve always thought looked like Power Ranger poses (don’t they?!). From the killer design you can see, the tee looked really stylish and felt super comfortable, too. It’s that kind of material that turns you into one of those people that goes, ‘ooooh, feel how soft this is!’ 

Something that really appeals to me about ISYB is the crew itself. They are really cool, down to earth guys that don’t take themselves too seriously and are on the pulse when it comes to social media. It’s a great when you can interact with a brand on a personal level - it’s not often you find a company where you want to hang out with the guys who are working behind the scenes. Not to mention they are fellow geeks and Marvel lovers!

If you like the look of my tee, you can grab one for yourself here, or your can head on over to to check out what else they have to offer. You'll no doubt find something awesome for your wardrobe!