Start your week with a Music Monday Spotify playlist!

As you've probably worked out by now, my music taste is very much eclectic. If you put my whole collection on shuffle - you'd be listening to Norah Jones one minute, and Papa Roach the next.

That said, I do get waves each month preferring 1 genre to the next. And this month I'm throwing back to my teen years. I adored high school and music was very much a big part of my life back then as it is now. If you hadn't guessed already by some of the tracks I've featured so far here on Music Monday - yes, I was an emo kid / skater boy. 

So today's playlist a tiny taster of the kind of songs I was jamming to back then -- I actually had so much fun putting it together, so I hope you enjoy it. Now excuse me while I go play Tony Hawks and eat some Nerds.

Have a favourite track or one that you would add to the list? Let me know!