How to use GIFs on Twitter

Lately I seem to have acquired the title 'Prince of GIFs' over on Twitter. I'm not entirely sure why - but if I had to guess it's probably that I seem to have the perfect one for any situation. OR that nearly every other tweet if a GIF. Yeah, that's probably it.

So what is a GIF and why should you use one? A GIF is basically a moving image, usually on a loop -- which I believe can portray your feeling soooo much better than words in most circumstances.

What is a GIF and why should I use one?

Now that we've got the boring part out of the way - let's get on with the fun part! Here's a super easy guide of how include GIFs in your tweets. Ready your minds, because...

Get ready for 3 simple steps to using GIFs in a Tweet

And for those of you I can't - here's the text version.

1. First, you need to find that awesome GIF you're gonna use in your tweet. I usually head over to GIPHY to get mine as they have a massive library for you to use. Save it to your desktop - or in folders categorised by show and mood. I've heard some people do that...

2. Write an epic tweet leaving exactly 23 characters for the GIF to fit in the tweet. Hit the 'Add photo' button and select your GIF.

3. Hit 'Tweet' and you're done! You, my friend, are now a fully fledged GIF user - go you!