Visiting the Coliseum in Rome

Visiting the Coliseum in Rome

Hullo ev'rbody! No Take Three today I'm afraid :( The Windows 10 update yesterday scuppered my plans in getting this week's interview done, as well as the 1st installment of my 'Exploring Italy' posts. I think I'm just going to pin this week down as my 'just returned home from holiday and getting back into the vibe' week.

I'm off to Devon this evening to see family for the weekend, and as I'll have no access to a laptop I thought that this month's ATBI would be a pretty good filler post to write on my lunch break! As you may or may not remember, I bought myself a new camera for my birthday before we went away and I had an absolute blast trying to better myself myself whilst travelling around Italy.

I must have taken a good 1000 photos whilst there, so I tried to contain my urge to post every single photo on my Instagram feed before having the time to sit and edit them properly. I also kinda want to save the best ones for you guys on here - too. I'm hoping to get the 1st post done as soon as I can as I can't wait to share them.

Thanks to everyone who commented on last months post saying that you do prefer a mish-mash of good quality photos and daily life photos. So on your feedback I'll be doing just that :)

Enjoy this months pics -- I'd love to know if you think I'm getting any better at photography now I'm not pointing and shooting, so let me know in the comments below. Constructive criticism is always good too - so any tips would be gratefully received. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram!