Hullo evr'body! Welcome to week two of positivity month! I'm super amped that lately I can feel a change within myself. Writing this blog, cracking on with illustrations and working on my photography, I'm finally starting to believe in my myself more and the greatness I can achieve in my life. Not for anyone else - but for me.

Next year is my 'Year of Me' - I plan on becoming fully self employed through my blog/illustrations, I'll be getting myself in peak physical and mental condition, and I'm embarking on a solo trip to explore Canada! I'll be arming myself with a backpack, camera, and taking you along for the ride - too! (On here :P) It's going to be awesome!

This change has come mainly from 1 little thing - inspiration. From the tiniest seed can grow some amazing things! I'm recently taking inspiration from watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - making me realise that regardless of who or what you are, you're capable of amazing things and that life should be an adventure.

What has been inspiring you lately?
Whatever it is, today's playlist is full of inspiring tracks to help you on your way greatness!