Well hullo there, lovely ones! I am back! If you follow me over on Twitter you'll have seen that I decided to allow myself a long weekend off to see family and just get away from all forms of work for a while. It was needed, and lovely, but it's good to be back -- so lets get on with the show!

As many of you know by now, I'm always on the look out for new artists/bands to listen to and love finding awesome people to introduce you guys to. So I was pretty amped when Phill Vidler got in touch earlier this month and asked me to check out his latest album 'Heliotropic'. He's an awesome talent with a killer indie/synth vibe - I can safely say he's going straight on my 'Epic Adventure' playlist to accompany me on my travels around Canada!

Enjoy a sneak peak of 'Letters', one of my favourite tracks from Heliotropic. Make sure you go say hey to Phill over on Twitter @phillvidler and pick up a copy of his new album on June 30! 

This week's playlist is rather varied, but upbeat never-the-less. Enjoy! :D

Have a song I should check out? Comment below or email me with your suggestion!