Dream office space #1

One of the biggest drives for me as a blogger and illustrator is the thought that when I'm able to make a living from it full time I'll have the most amazing home office space. I can get lost on Pinterest for hours, trawling through hundreds of pins, imagining myself sat at that very desk
Here's a collection of some of my favourite spaces I've seen that I absolutely adore!

1. A giant cork-board wall -- I've never had the opportunity to have posters or slogans on my walls, so this concept pleases my inner teen greatly!

2. I think my ideal office would have a desk next to a big open window overlooking rolling hills. Or at least nice greenery outside - coming from a farm I find being able to see nature is very calming. 3. How amazing would it be to have all that shelf space for nik naks!

4. Ok, hands up. Who else does see chair, but valuable storage space! To be honest if there's a spare chair around the flat you can bet your bottom dollar it'll turn into a temporary closet! I really am terrible at hanging jackets and sweatshirts up. 5. How pretty is this picture? Just imagine yourself sat there with that amazing view.

6. J'adore exposed brick. I'm not sure I'd love the size of the desk as I like to spread, however for a bedroom office space I think I'd be quite happy perched in the corner. 7. That wall and tree trunk <3 Seems like the ideal space to be able to do anything creative that comes to mind.

8. Simply amazing. Would love to live here! How awesome would it be to be able to make a brew and chill out on that sofa after a morning of designing!  9. And how pretty is this little space?

10. Clipboards as 'photo frame' - amazing idea!! 11. I love how sophisticated this space looks, seems like it would be a great place to work on designs as well as writing.

12/13. The quick realisation that you have an obsession with walls of inspirational quotes and pictures! Maybe I should try and emulate this on my little piece of white wall at work?

Tweet or Instagram me suggestions if you've seen any amazing office spaces lately!

[pictures sourced from Pinterest]