Music Monday - your playlist for the week

Happy Bank Holiday Monday, everyone - and May the 4th be with you! (How many times have you heard that one today?) I hope you're all enjoying the last few hours of freedom before we make our way back to the grindstone tomorrow. I absolutely love days like this - it's been wonderfully carefree and relaxed. Oh! And apologies for today's Music Monday going up a bit later than usual - I may have been a little too relaxed!

It's very rare I allow myself days of doing nothing (he says, writing this post) so it's been a lovely treat to go out for some breakfast, then sink into the couch and lose myself in the PS4 for a few hours. I'll be resuming said relaxed day shortly with a glass of wine and a film!

Needless to say - this week's playlist is all about taking it easy. Hope you enjoy!
How do you spend your days on a bank holiday?

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