Take three with a cup of tea - We need you!

Hi, friends! It's no secret that I am completely obsessed with tea. In fact, pretty much my whole day is planned and fuelled by it! Needless to say, I am so thrilled with how you've all been enjoying these 'Take Three' interviews - I've had such a blast reading through everyone's answers. Thing is, my pot of interviews is running a bit dry - so I really need your help guys!

If you're a tea lover, I want you! So if you'd like to take part in this fun feature, please
> click here < or the link down below to download all the details you'll need. You don't have to be a 'regular' tea drinker, I don't discriminate here on That Gent :D

Also, from now I'll be doing one interview per week rather than two - which will give me more time to work on putting your interviews together and also the space to feature some of the exciting new features I have planned!