10 Sleepy Spaces / Stunning Eagle View In Finland

Ah bed. How I love you so! Most nights I literally can't wait to dive in - and most mornings it's so hard to crawl out of. I don't need to look far for bed inspiration as our apartment has a lovely super kingsize that is oh so comfortable and easy to get lost in. That said, I found myself whimsically spending my lunch hour today discovering some amazing places to lay your head.

I mean, come on. Just look at that bed above! Regardless of how awesome your own sleepy space is, that one is just out of this world! Take a look at some of my favourites and get your dream on! ~

1. You gotta love a big feature wall! And cloudy, misty, forest-y scenes are my jam! 2. J'adore anything with a cottage-y feel. Growing up on a farm it always makes me feel more at home somehow.

3. Just imagine yourself sleeping out here on a warm summer's night - looking up at the stars and listening to a river flow by as you fall asleep. Bliss! 4. As much as I love nature - I'm equally in love at the moment with stunning city views. This makes the grownup in my smile.

5. I feel like this is a bedroom I could really just clear my mind and get away from the world. It's always good to surround yourself with some green. 6. Look how comfy this space looks!! I can just imagine there being an open fire at the foot of the bed - sat with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate on a winter's night.

7. Ben is a big fan of falling asleep listening to rain. I'm not so much into the recorded version as I am the real patter of it hitting the window as you're snug in bed. It would be great to fall asleep watching the rain waterfall down that amazing window. 8. CHUNKY KNIT! Enough said.

9. I love exposed brick walls - just love it. The designer in me smiles any time I see one being used in a good way. 10. I've saved the best till last this time. If you know me you know I am obsessed with anything Japanese-y. I would be a happy chappy if I ever lived somewhere that remotely resembled this. Just imagine waking up to that view every morning. Or going to sleep in the winter watching the snow fall. Gawsh - makes my soul happy thinking about it! 

If you could choose 1 sleepy space out of these, which would it be and why?Let me know in the comments below - and Tweet or Instagram me if YOU have an amazing sleepy space you want to share!

[pictures sourced from Pinterest]