Your weekly Music Monday Spotify playlist for 25/05/2015

Happy Bank Holiday Monday, y'all! What's happening - what's going on? I hope you've made the most of this blessed 3 day weekend. I went up to Liverpool to spend time with the mothership -- she's just recently moved into a new house, so it was great to spend time with her, my step-pops and little brother. As well as check out the new place.

When visiting either my parent's or Ben's, I always get super excited to put together a playlist for the long journey - much to Ben's dismay. Our taste in music are polar opposites,  so needless to say he doesn't get as exited as I do!

So, as you lovely peeps do seem to enjoy my taste in music - I thought for this week's Music Monday I'd throw my favourite tunes from the 6+ hour playlist into a bite-size chunk for your ears to feast on.

Do you put together a playlist for long car journeys? If so, what does in it -- anything I should be jamming to whilst Ben's cringes in the driver seat? :D Let me know in the comments below!

Have a song I should check out? Comment below or email me with your suggestion!