I asked blogger Ian Megrath to describe his day in tea...

Do you have a daily routine?
Sadly, yes. It’s up for around 6.30 to let our dog Frank out for his morning constitutionals. Depending on my mood, I mostly crawl back into bed until 7 or after, if I’m feeling energetic it’s an early shower and a cuppa.

Could you tell us what you do?
I am the e-commerce manager for an independent pet store. We’ve just launched our new site so my current day-to-day is merchandising, system testing and content writing.

When's your first cup of tea?
If I’m in one of my lazy mornings, my first mug (never a cup as it’s all gone too quickly) is as I sit down in front of the computer in work and check through emails and orders.

This is usually around 8.45 and sometimes I’ll have had a second mug by 9…

What's your preferred tea-making ritual?
I always boil a full kettle of water. Some might think this wastes electricity but I rarely have just one mug so I’m really just being resourceful and planning ahead.

Did you drink tea as a child?
Yes – loads of it. My grandparents were big tea drinkers, guess it’s an Irish thing and that's where my love of strong brewed tea came from. One of my grandmothers never took the bag out when she drank her tea #hardcore.

It was always tea served when I went to visit, there was rarely ever soft drinks so if you didn't like tea; tough.

Confess. Can you say no to biscuits or cake? Are you a dunker?
Never. I am not ashamed to say this ever. Tea without a biscuit is sometimes a necessary endurance but if the opportunity presents itself its both rude and stupid to decline!

Yes to dunking, but if you offer me a rich tea, party ring or a bourbon, we can’t be friends any more

Which is your favourite cuppa of the day?
My first one because it’s usually swiftly followed by my second and third. I normally don’t drink tea or anything caffeinated after 5pm so its crucial I stock up early.

Is there one break that's non-negotiable?
I tend to make my own breaks. Even when there is a set one, my advice is to have a thermos. Tea is a cruel mistress and one must respond when she calls.

Milk or tea in the cup first?
Tea. Always tea. How else can you gauge the strength? Milk first is just silly.

And finally, any projects or news you’d like to talk about?
Just building up to my blog’s second birthday in July. The time has flown in and I hope to have a wee giveaway or two to celebrate. My fiancé and I are heading away to Oslo at the end of June too, so I’m looking forward to a break!



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