I literally cannot believe we are almost into my birthday month, or as other people call it - June. I also can't believe it's pretty much been a month since I last did a Life Lately post. Err, excuse me, where has that time gone??

This month has been uber busy for me so far but I am beyond pleased with the progress I've had towards making my dream reality. It's not often people get to say that, so believe me when I say how humbled I am to have all your help and support on this crazy journey.

Last time I was saying how I had started on my Harley Quinn piece - since then I've had them and my Sailor Moon bookmarks printed, opened the store, had my 1st official purchase, and recognition of my art work by non other than the head artist at Dreamworks!!! *mini fist pump*

Here's the finished Harley piece, as well as some other illustrations I've worked on lately
(click for  full size):

So far I have the advertising spaces and Sailor Moon illustration bookmarks in the store - with the 3 Harley Quinn prints going live in the next couple of days. Once pay day comes next week I'll be getting the top 3 illustrations (above) printed too!

I've also had a shed load of commission request over the past couple of weeks for blog headers or profile illustrations - I know I said I'll be opening myself up to doing them pretty soon-ish, however I'm not sure if I should wait until I'm back from holiday at the end of July or not. I'd hate to take on stuff and not be able to fulfill them. What do you guys think? Think I should add slots to the store and just see what comes in or wait until after I'm back from my jollies?

What else have I been up to. Not much more I don't think - everything just seems to be focused around work, work, work at the moment. Doesn't make for crazy-good blogging material, but there you go! I have finished a few projects off so there will be a bit more time free in the evenings now to work on illustrations. Make sure you follow me on Instagram if you're interested in seeing what  I'm working on, as I usually post progress pics on there.

I think that's it for now - don't want to bore you too much with my ramblings :D My latest posts are: this week's Music Monday, Take Three with Joanna and being nominated for The Creative Blogger Award. Check them out when you get chance :)