Happy Monday, folks! Guess who got to see Pitch Perfect 2 this weekend?! Mwahaha! I think the only appropriate word to describe it is ACAMAZING! It's not often you see a sequel live up to the same standard, but I think I actually enjoyed this one more. If you managed to see it this weekend *mini fist bumb* if not, I've splattered a few songs from the soundtrack into the playlist so you can get a taste of what you're in for.

Well, I think it's safe to say I have found yet another amazing artist to obsess over for the foreseeable future -- Mr Jeremy Loops!  I recently found him via Ben Brown's Youtube (who is pretty awesome, make sure you check his channel out too) and seriously peeps, I think this guy is gonna be huge!

He's a folk singer from South Africa that just seems really chilled out and cool. Needless to say he's definitely in this week's playlist, however I couldn't find my fave tune of his on Spotify - so here's the official vid for you to feast your eyes on. I'm going to call it that this song is going to be the summer jam this year!

I've also find another dude from SA that's also pretty awesome - Nate Maingard. Seriously SA peeps, it must be something you have in the water! Let me know what you think of this cool, upbeat folksy sound and if you have any recommendations for others I should check out.

Big butts. Killer country music. Drag queens. Not sure you'll get a more varied playlist than this for a while! Enjoy :)

Have a song I should check out? Comment below or email me with your suggestion!