Howdy all! What's happening - what's going on? So y'all know it's been rather hectic over the past couple of weeks (months), so it's good to finally be catching up on work and crossing things off of the 'to do' list!

The lovely Jess recently nominated  for The Creative Blogger Award, a tag that encourages us to share some not so well known facts about ourselves and thus get to know each other a bit better. Jess blogs about a whole plethora of lifestyle topics over at Jess in Retrospect - so make sure you check her out and subscribe. Show the love!

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The Rules

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5 Facts About Me

  1. I'm currently in the process of opening my own store here on That Gent (shocker!) Which will be chock-full of merch using my own illustrations and designs. You all already know this, I've talked about it enough. But it is fact - and any chance for a shameless plug and I'm gonna take it!
  2. I've never really enjoyed travelling. This is crazy, I know. Don't get me wrong I've been to some amazing places - it's just I never really get excited about going to places or yearn to travel. That was until very recently... After managing to escape it's clutches for almost 26 years, I've well an truly caught the wanderlust bug. Currently fighting the urge to flip a desk and go on an adventure somewhere.
  3. I am a mahoosive geek. I don't really post much geeky stuff on here, but I've literally played video games, watched anime and read comics all my life. You can currently find me healing the masses in Eorzea on Final Fantasy 14 - so if you play too, let me know! I go to the odd convention I can make it to, but really want to get my ass to a lot more. Who knows, maybe I'll have an artists stand at one one day!
  4. I'm a big Disney fan, and my favourite movie is The Princess and the Frog. WHAT?? Strange one, I know -- but I just love the soundtrack! Anything that has that sort of flapper-jazz/bluesy feel to it and I'm down to jam. I was also really impressed by the message of 'you have to work hard to achieve your dreams, they don't just happen' -- this is so true and a major thing for kids, and adults, to learn in life.
  5. I'm planning 2016 to be 'The Year of Me'. I still have this feeling that I've not really discovered who I am yet - does anyone else ever feel like that? So my aim is to be comfortably earning enough through my illustrations and design work to become self employed. I desperately want a dog, too, so once I'm able to make a living from my craft I'll definitely be getting a pug! I want to plan a trip somewhere, and go all by myself. I feel like it's something I need to do - and hopefully I'll find a big part of myself along the way. And lastly I want to really get myself in a strong sense of being, physically and mentally.

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