I asked the guys at teapigs describe their day in tea...

Do you have a daily routine?
Lucy: I do mid-week. At the weekend anything could happen! (Usually sitting around in a pug onesie but we’ll brush over that)

I get up at 6 and start the day with a matcha latte -Matcha, Almond Milk and manuka honey.

I commute to work so spend the time reading and catching up on social media. I’m reading Marian Keyes at the moment- just finished ‘The Brightest Star in the Sky’ which was such a great book. Her novels are easy to read and uplifting. (I just finished the Malarie Blackman noughts and crosses series so needed something cheery!) I get to work at teapigs talking to all of our lovely trade customers and have at least 3 cups of tea whilst I’m there! When I get home I like to relax and catch up on the essentials a.k.a- Hollyoaks. I am not ashamed!

Nick: Pretty much lots of tea - breakfast first thing, moving onto yerba mate, green, matcha then some herbal.

Amy: WAKE UP AND GET TO WORK. It has unintentionally become a routine to not look in the mirror before leaving the house.

Becky: Up at 6:45 to watch YouTube videos whilst I get showered and ready (usually a mixture of beauty vloggers/healthy nerdy types), then breakfast (a green smoothie of some sort) and then off out the door for the 2 a bit mile walk to work. I currently look after social media and comms for teapigs so I’m a busy bee until around 12:30 when it’s off out again for a walk around the block and back to my desk for lunch (currently loving parma ham and veggies) Then back at it until home time, then it’s time for the walk home followed by a workout, bath (more YouTube watching!) then more often than not eating my dinner in front of such quality shows as Pointless. But, I do win a lot of pub quizzes as a result..

When's your first cup of tea?
Lucy: As soon as I get up! I have my matcha at around 6am on a week day and I tend to have teapigs everyday brew with a trusty digestive on the weekends (a little later than 6am! I love a good lay in).

Nick: Teapigs everyday brew of course – not a cup, a BIG mug!

Amy: 6.30am, whilst watching the sun rise out on the veranda…. In reality it’s once I’ve sat down at my desk, I’ve made it to work for 9am by the skin of my teeth and someone has been so kind as to take pity on me and make me one.

Becky: On my walk to work – I carry my little travel cup filled with usually a chamomile (weird choice but the soothing flavour coupled with the nice long walk is like meditation!)

What's your preferred tea-making ritual?
Lucy: It depends what I’m drinking. If it’s herbal tea I like to keep the teabag in to get as much flavour as possible. If it’s Earl Grey or Everyday Brew I let the tea brew for around 3 minutes before adding a dash of semi- skimmed milk. I don’t drink my tea with sugar during the week but I have been known to add a cheeky spoonful on a Sunday!

Nick: Kettle, bag, mug, pour on boiling water, wait for at least 3 minutes, enjoy. Keep it simple.

Amy: Our microwave at work (which is by the kettle) is reflective, so whilst the kettle is boiling I’m usually looking at my reflection in despair wondering how I managed to leave the house looking like I do. Once the kettle has boiled my ritual turns into something resembling a Japanese tea ceremony – very calming and spiritual. Not sure what my colleagues make of it though.

Becky: I hate waiting for the kettle to boil so I don’t hang around when it does – I just get it going and do something else til it boils.

Did you drink tea as a child?
Lucy: Yes, lots of it. My best memories of tea drinking were being at my Auntie’s. She used to make our tea really milky with lots of sugar. It used to be a great treat for myself, my sisters and my cousins. She always has a slice of cake or a biscuit on hand for us too.

Nick: Yes, though I stopped adding sugar in my early teens.

Amy: Nope. I don’t think I ever sat still for long enough to drink tea. I probably just wasn’t trusted with any hot beverage come to think of it.

Becky: Noooo. I have a very clear memory of my Dad giving me my first cup of milky tea when I was about 4 and thinking “what in god’s name is this” I didn’t touch the stuff for about 20 years after that.

Confess. Can you say no to biscuits or cake?
Lucy: Biscuits- absolutely not! I love digestives, chocolate or no chocolate I just can’t say no. I’m not the greatest lover of cake, I’d much rather have an egg custard tart. I’ve been known to eat four in one sitting.

Nick: Yes, but rarely to more tea

Amy: No confession necessary. The answer is No, I cannot. I have a double chin as a result, but I am who I am.

Becky: I can very much say no to them. I find biscuits boring, unless they are homemade and yummy (and even then I rarely eat them) and have to be in a certain frame of mind to eat cake. My healthy eating habits often create mocking towards me by my colleagues, but I STAND FIRM!

Which is your favourite cuppa of the day?
Lucy: My cup of Chamomile before I ‘hit the hay’. Helps me to unwind and relax before bed.

Nick: My next.

Amy: 4pm – work is in full flow but home time is nearing.

Becky: Hmm, probably the first one of the evening. All the hard work of the day is done and I know I can happily lie on my sofa under a blanket in my trackie bottoms for the rest of the night

Is there one break that's non-negotiable?
Lucy: Whenever I go back home to Norfolk me and my mum will spend an entire day drinking tea. Last week we had 10 cups of Darjeeling Earl Grey each. It’s nice to have a good catch up over a cuppa looking out to the beautiful Norfolk country side at least once a month.

Nick: Life is just one long tea break.

Amy: What’s a negotiable break?

Becky: I find if I don’t have tea in my hand at 9am and 4pm bad things happen.

Milk or tea in the cup first?
Lucy: Tea first. My milk judgement is all wrong if I don’t put the teabag in first and I just end up with a mug of milk!

Nick: TEA.

Amy: This shouldn't be a question. Tea first always. I would know for sure someone was an alien in human disguise if they put milk in first.

Becky: Not a milk fan, sadly it doesn’t agree with me. I am trying to get into none dairy milks for my breakfast tea but…its just not the same! :(

And finally, any projects or news you’d like to talk about?
Lucy: I am starting the Honestly Healthy Cleanse next week in preparation for my summer holiday which I am very excited about. I’ve just eaten a whole bag of Haribo to myself whilst writing this so It’s probably about time I got a bit healthier. It means I won’t be having any caffeine (No everyday Brew or Earl Grey for me :( ) but luckily my favourite Liquorice and Peppermint tea is naturally caffeine free so a great excuse to drink tons of it! If you haven’t tried it you definitely should, especially if you have a sweet tooth. It’s heaven in a mug.

Nick: Selling more tea to China.

Amy: My neighbour’s cat isn’t very well at the moment. Does that count as news?

Becky: I’m actually leaving teapigs next week to start a new job and new adventure. They don’t have teapigs in their office so I’ll do my best to sway them!

Thank you so much to the guys at teapigs - Lucy, Nick, Becky and Amy - for taking the time out from their busy days of supplying us with awesome tea and doing this little interview. You can find them over on at teapigs.co.uk